What does your team love to do? What would make it better?


What is your teams' unique ability? How could it be improved?


Who is compelled to buy from you? How do you impact the world?

Does Your Organization Struggle with Alignment?

✓ How do you protect your values through succession?

✓ Are you getting the best out of your team?

✓ Is organization alignment foundational to your success?

✓ Do you know who you are or have you created a fancy story?

✓ Are you experiencing accelerated growth?

✓ Is transition threatening your organization?

Are you looking to build your teams skills and learn our proven FrameWork to align your organization?


Experience the Workshop in person.
Engage with other participants to learn the methodology and create your own Living blueprint.


Experience the Workshop in your own environment. Learn the methodology with your entire team! Work together to build your mini blueprint.

“It was great, it was so refreshing for me as a starting business to really get some, not only vivid storytelling and some really practical examples of how important it is to know what it is that you are selling to be authentic about your business and what it is that you offer.”


“The brainstorming is always unique cause you never know what is going to come out of it. The most valuable thing for me was getting to spend eight hours building relationships that I will take into the future, into growing my businesses”


“I was given many examples of ways of addressing the problems that I could not even have imagined existed in the first place. I’m armed with fabulous ideas and my grey matter is just firing and I’m excited to take action – I’m a little overwhelmed and excited at the same time.”


Does your organization have more than 100 team members? Talk to a rep for custom pricing.

If humans work in or interact with your organization, you need the Monster Workshop.

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Stop replacing your strategy with shiny objects and learn how to make your story the most valuable asset you own.


Learn how the biggest organizations in the world have got this right, and more importantly - how they got it wrong!


You’ll learn proven methodologies and skillsets to align your organization and deeply connect with your consumers.

“Throughout the process, they were engaging, respectful and helped us to understand ourselves better. We have truly been empowered to take control of our brand and confidently move forward. “

Marketing Coordinator, AXYS Technologies

Looking for Full Engagement with Your Executive Team?

If you're going through accelerated growth and need more than a weekend workshop a Living Blueprint may be what you're looking for.

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Discover how the full Living Blueprint process has helped organizations like yours reveal their true identity, attract great talent, and raise their bottom line.

What Makes Monster: A Billion Dollar Ideology So Different?

We start with the idea that your decisions are based on your unique values – for better or worse.

The better you understand your values, for what they actually are and not what you wish them to be – the more efficiently you can move your organization forward and gain alignment.

The Monster ideology is based on uncovering, articulating and acting on exactly who you are based on the evidence.


“We realized that to take it to the next level we really had to stop and kind of reflect and say okay, across all the things that we do, what are the common values that we have and what is the common culture. So by doing that, it allowed us an amazing opportunity, really a once in a lifetime opportunity to take what we’ve built for the last 15 years, boil down what was really the essence of the culture and the corporate values and then launch that in a consistent path forward.”

Founder - Iridia Medical

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“I could suddenly see the core value proposition. I got clear on how to tell my business’s story, how to communicate with clients… It’s impossible for me to emphasize how powerful this framework is and what a wonderful coach Amir is.”

Founder - Mindvalley


“In working with David what I really appreciated was the non-topdown attitude, he wanted to explore, he wanted to create a great relationship with us – build that relationship and then look at the opportunities available. As a direct result, we’ve created a strong new message, we’ve grown passenger traffic by 28%.”

President - Pacific Coastal Airlines

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